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Horizontal organizing


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Adriaan Bekman

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Beschreibung Horizontal organizing is a possible answer to the ever more complex social reality in which we live. That reality requires of each of us to learn to act as horizontal leader and work and live together out of this quality. From a vertical organized world, top - down and bottom - up, power and hierarchy we emancipate to a more horizontal organized world, a world of value creating chains and relations, with personal initiative and reflective dialogue. There are leaders and professionals all around the world who dare to do this together. They create humane organizations and develop in them moral authority. In this book you find the basic fruits of our common exploration on horizontal organizing.Autorentext Professor Dr. Adriaan Bekman (1947) is the founding father of IMO - instituut voor mens en organisatieontwikkeling (2005). He initiated IMO teams in the Netherlands, Germany, Brazil, Finland, Italy, Russia, Israel and Switzerland.

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The print version of this textbook is I121384. Theres a welldefined chain of command with a vertical organization and the person at the top . Ebook Reader Tamil. A Plea for the Horizontally Organized There is nothing intrinsically disabling about being lefthanded but when the world is organized for righthanders it can be a real handicap.

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